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The hormones have to be in perfect balance for appropriate production and release of Human Growth Hormone. The status of this balance is largely influenced by such factors as exercise, diet and sleep. Large amount of Human Growth Hormone mostly occurs during sleep although levels production levels differ between different individuals.

The Human Growth Hormone plays a very important role in the body.

Once released into the bloodstream, it is taken up by body cells upon which it activates varied cell activities. One of these activities is in building up body tissues. The hormone is also crucial in proper growth of bones and height. Apart from these, the hormone also has various other functions including increasing retention of calcium, increasing muscle growth, increasing protein synthesis and stimulation of the body’s immune system amongst many other functions.checkout this helpful information at http://www.diabetes.co.uk/news/2015/jan/human-growth-hormone-transforms-diabetes-research-97384928.html

As stated above, optimum level of Human Growth Hormone in the body depends on perfect balance between the growth hormone-releasing and growth hormone-inhibiting hormones.

An imbalance of Human Growth Hormone can result in either too much or too low production. Too much Human Growth Hormone in the body increases the risk of such diseases as pituitary tumor, thickening of jaw/fingers/toe bones, body muscle weakness, sexual dysfunction and Type 2 diabetes. On the other hand, low production of HGH can lead to retarded growth in children, congenital malfunctions and late sexual maturity amongst others.

Apart from Human Growth Hormone naturally produced by the body, synthetic Human Growth Hormone is also available in different forms. These include pills, injections and supplements. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of synthetic Human Growth Hormone in treating various conditions including in addressing Human Growth Hormone deficiency, treating cardiovascular/psychological diseases and in increasing bone density. The approval is however on the basis that patients must be monitored so as to minimize serious side effects associated with improper use of the hormone.

Balancing Human Growth Hormone

FDA Approval

Although FDA’s approval of the synthetic Human Growth Hormone was for the benefit of humanity, the same has turned out to be one of the most abused drugs available. It is actually considered a substance in some areas and its use banned. Athletes have continuously used Human Growth Hormone alongside other substances to enhance their performance. There are also those who use the drug as an anti-aging medicine although no scientific studies have been undertaken to ascertain the same.

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