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Calcium is an essential mineral that is regularly consumed when eating a well-balanced diet. The mineral plays many important roles in the body including strengthening bones and producing red blood cells.

There are a few reported side effects of taking calcium supplements, and constipation is one of these. The mineral generally doesn’t cause constipation when taken in small doses eaten through the diet, and most supplements contain the correct amount that people will benefit from.

It is usually only when people take excess amounts of calcium supplements that constipation is then noticed. If you are lactose intolerant, or get bloated easily after drinking milk, these sources may also cause constipation.

Calcium And Digestion

The mineral is not absorbed by the body directly; it needs vitamin D to help the nutrient through the digestive system.

Calcium is found in many different foods including fish, vegetables, and dairy products. Some calcium in the diet comes from high fat foods such as cheese and these foods are not digested easily, so in this sense, you may suffer from constipation, but calcium is not directly involved.

Calcium Supplements And Constipation

Supplements are either made from calcium carbonate or citrate. The carbonate is harder to digest for most people so you would benefit more from calcium supplements using the citrate form, and will be less likely to suffer from constipation. Taking too high a dose may cause water and food particles to stick together in the gut which can lead to constipation. Always follow the dosage guidelines on the product to help prevent this from happening.


Health experts recommend that you should be taking around 500mg per day of calcium if you are not getting enough through the diet. Supplements should be taken at meal times as the food helps the body cope with any extra calcium.

Calcium supplements and constipation can also be prevented by drinking plenty of fluid throughout the day as this helps to loosen stools in the bowels. Always take your supplements with a glass of water to prevent a drying effect in the gut

Calcium Supplements And Constipation

Choosing Your Supplements

There are many poor quality supplements on the market today and these need to be avoided. Usually these products are very weak, but there is also a risk that the formula has been mixed with man-made chemicals which may be unhealthy for you. Always ensure that the company you buy supplements from has a great reputation and good customer feedback.

Always check the ingredients and make sure that they are 100% natural. Most quality supplements will combine calcium with additional ingredients such as magnesium as these two work in synergy together.Considerations Check more detailed information at http://www.heraldtimesonline.com/free_access/women-s-health-chat-obgyn-exams-cholesterol-levels-vitamins/article_05de8594-a71f-11e4-b5d3-9b9c995595c1.html

Calcium supplements and constipation does not need to be something to worry about, especially if you are sticking to dosage guidelines that come with your product. If you do notice any adverse effects when taking this mineral, make sure that you speak to your doctor as soon as possible.

You may also want to speak to your doctor before you take your supplements to clear up any concerns you may have. For quality and effectiveness use: Calcium Complex Protects your body from injury, chronic illness, and other health concerns…If you liked this supplement than you may want to consider viewing another supplement such as Kiwi Fruit. It is a natural supplement that offers many health benefits. You can read more here.