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Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi is Hawaiian for massage. It was developed under the Hawaiian philosophy of Huna, which seeks to restore harmony in life. The body can have its’ energy flow out-of-balance and this can cause problems in the person at a physical, emotional or spiritual level. Lomi Lomi is the art of manipulating the muscles and joints to free the flow of energy, thus help the client heal. There is more to Lomi Lomi though than just the rubbing of muscles.

The practitioner of Lomi Lomi is not just a masseur, but also helps the client with meditation, diet advice, and other areas normally outside of massage, to help the patient heal. The practitioner is not just connected to the client physically, but spiritually as well. The practitioner’s goal is to tune his energy vibrations to match the client’s. This matching vibration helps break the barriers in the client’s body that impede proper energy flow. This matching vibration is achieved, not just through the mind and with the flowing motions on the muscles; but with dance movements and the voice. The practitioner will perform hula movements and hum during a session.

The physical movements of the practitioner are made with the hands and forearms, using long, smooth rhythmic motions to work the muscles. The joints will be gently stretched and rotated to help release the energy blockage found there. The Lomi Lomi practitioner will also work two different parts of the body at once so the mind, not easily able to focus on both areas, will more readily relax.

There is no set pattern to how the Lomi Lomi practitioner gives the massage. The practitioner uses his experience and ability to read his client to tell the area of the body on which to work as well as how fast and how much pressure to use. The client is unclothed on a bare table covered by a small cloth. A cloth, either on the table or on the client, will interfere when the healer performs the long motions which can pass from on top of the body to underneath. With this freedom for the healer, there will be no two sessions the same.

The result of any massage is the relaxation of the muscles. In addition to this, Lomi Lomi works to heal to total person, body, mind and spirit. The physical health benefits are derived from the released tensions, and from the increased blood flow and toxin removal that occur with massage. The mental benefits is that the client walks away relaxed, invigorated; with the knowledge that being involved with Lomi Lomi is not just when lying on the table, but when using the advice on meditation and diet in everyday life.