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Calcium Supplements And Constipation What You Need To Know

Calcium Supplements And Constipation

Calcium is an essential mineral that is regularly consumed when eating a well-balanced diet. The mineral plays many important roles in the body including strengthening bones and producing red blood cells.

There are a few reported side effects of taking calcium supplements, and constipation is one of these. The mineral generally doesn’t cause constipation when taken in small doses eaten through the diet, and most supplements contain the correct amount that people will benefit from.

It is usually only when people take excess amounts of calcium …

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Are Calcium Supplements And Heart Attack Linked

Calcium Supplements

Minerals are essential nutrients that are needed by the human body to keep it functioning at a healthy level. There are many different minerals and they all have different functions, such as building red blood cells, protecting cells and supporting the central nervous system.

Most people get enough minerals through their regular diet; however, deficiencies in certain minerals can also affect people. It has been said that too many vitamins and minerals may actually cause health problems, for instance, with calcium supplements, heart attack risk …

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